Six Digit Alphanumeric Code Look Up Guide
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Product Number Locations Examples
Product numbers are usually located on the bottom of the product near the company address, on the front or back of the instruction manual or above the UPC symbol on the packaging.  It could be five numbers, a letter followed by four numbers or three letters followed by two numbers. 73397, W7124, AAB25
Manufacturing Codes Examples
Manufacturing Codes can be found on the bottom of the product and will usually be engraved in the plastic.  These codes can also be found on the packaging, near the UPC symbol, either on a sticker or embossed in the cardboard.  The code will start with a 0, 1, 2, or 3.  The first number will be followed by three additional numbers, and then two letters or a letter and another number. 2180HL, 1582Q2
Bathtubs Bottom of Tub
Booster Seats Bottom of product
Bouncers Underside of the Vibrating Unit
Carriers Printed on Product Label
High Chairs Back of Seat
Jumperoo Bottom of Seat Ring
Potty Underside of Seat or Back of Tank
Rock N Plays Inner portion of the folding hubs
Swing- Full Size Underside or back of motor housing
Swing- Take Along Underside or back of motor housing
Power Wheels
Power Wheels On a white sticker inside the battery compartment, under the hood or in the vehicle near driver's door
*All numbers are engraved into the plastic unless otherwise noted.