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Kid Tough Digital Camera
The award-winning and best-selling Kid Tough Digital Camera is the first preschool appropriate digital camera that is tough and easy enough to stand up to rough preschooler use. The Camera has an easy-to-use format and simple buttons while also featuring a 1.5 inch colour LCD preview screen which allows kids to instantly see the picture they’ve taken and view or delete previous shots. Image resolution of 1.3 or .3 Megapixels (user selected) for quality 4 x 6 inch prints, Auto-flash, 128MB of Flash memory for storing up to 500 pictures, USB Cable for computer connection, dual handle grips, and a 2-eye view finder that makes it easy for kids to take great pictures.
 System Requirements
  Kid Tough digital camera PC Requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows XP, Vista™, or Windows 7
  • Hard Drive- 150 MB available
  • USB Port- 1.1
    NOTE: Internet Connection is Required.

Mac Requirements

Note: The software is not Mac Compatible.