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Fisher-Price® Rock ‘n Play Sleeper Recall

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall of all Fisher-Price® Rock ‘n Play Sleepers.

Infant fatalities have occurred in Rock ‘n Play Sleepers, after the infants rolled from their back to their stomach or side while unrestrained, or under other circumstances.

If you own a Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, discontinue use of the item immediately.

In the EU this recall applies to all models of the Fisher-Price® Rock ‘n Play Sleeper including the following:

  • FWX18 - Fisher-Price® Auto Rock 'n Play™ Sleeper
  • DMJ24 - Fisher-Price® Auto Rock ‘n Play™ Sleeper – Windmill
  • FHW34 - Fisher-Price® Deluxe Auto Rock ‘n Play™ Soothing Seat - Isle Stone
  • FHW33 - Fisher-Price® Auto Rock 'n Play™ Soothing Seat - Aquavine
  • FNR95 - Fisher-Price® Deluxe Rock 'n Play™ Sleeper - Comfy Cloud
  • In return for sending back your Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, you will receive a full refund for Rock ‘n Play Sleepers purchased in the EU within the last 2 years.
  • For now, consumers who purchased FWX18 - Fisher-Price® Auto Rock 'n Play™ Sleeper online do not need to take any immediate action to return products and get a refund. In the week starting Monday 15 April 2019 your online retailer will send an e-mail to all consumers who purchased the product with them in the EU. This e-mail will include information how to return the product to the online retailer in order to get a refund. Consumer who bought other Rock n Play Sleepers online please contact Mattel Consumer Services in the EU-country where the product was purchased.
  • Consumers who purchased the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper via another retail channel (not online) are requested to contact Mattel Consumer Services in the EU-country where they purchased the product:
  • Please click here for disassembly instructions

    Package the two hub assemblies to return to Fisher-Price. Your hub assemblies might have an auto rock motor attached, depending on the version of Rock ‘n Play Sleeper you own. Your return should look like one of the following photos:

    We will be sending you a prepaid mailing label to return the two hub assemblies from your Sleeper. Fisher-Price must receive both of these parts. Attach the prepaid mailing label to your package and take it to the Post Office. Keep the remainder of your product and the shipping receipt until you receive your recall resolution. If you still have your original purchase receipt, please include it with your return or write the month and year of purchase on one of the hubs.


    Please click here to proceed to our ‘contact us’ page and complete the ‘click here’ to contact us via email. Please include your name, address, where you purchased the product from and when