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UB Funkeys™
These twin packs let you open twice as many zones in the U.B. Funkeys™ world of games and fun. You decide which U.B. Funkeys™ figure you want to be. Every figure that you collect unlocks new zones and games. Play the games to earn coins to buy items you can customize your “crib” with. Post your virtual crib online for all of your friends to see how far in the game you got!
 System Requirements
  U.B Funkeys
  • Windows® Vista or Windows® XP.
  • 800 MHz Processor (1.3 GHz recommended)
  • 512 MB Ram
  • 1 GB of drive space
  • USB Port (cable included)\
  • 32 MB video card (64 recommended)
  • 8x CD or DVD Drive
  • Sound Card, Keyboard and Mouse
  • Adobe® Flash™ 9 (Included on disc.)
  • Broadband Internet Connection Recommended.

For 64-bit Systems download the 4.8 Software.

This Product is not Windows® 7 or Mac® compatible.


As of January 2011 the online features of the U.B. Funkeys™ world are no longer being supported. We understand that U.B. Funkeys™ world has been enjoyed by many children and parents alike for the past several years.  This is why we feel it’s important to explain to you exactly what will and what will not work in the U.B. Funkeys™ world.


The change in support only affects online features. Users will still be able to play with the main components of the software including character rooms, games, and shops.  Players will also be able to access and decorate their cribs. However the following features will no longer be available.


  • Software Updates
  • Saving Progress Online
  • Funkey Trunk
  • Chat Figures & Rooms
  • Multi-Player Games
  • Crib Sharing
  • U.B. Funkeys™ website


If you are just beginning to play with U.B. Funkeys™ and are unable to download updates for new characters, version 4.8 of the U.B. Funkeys™ software is still available for download.  It can be found on the Technical Product Support page of  Unfortunately, version 4.8 only includes updates for characters through Hidden Realm.  The Paradox Green Realm will no longer be available for download so characters Rastro, Tadd, Maul, Nectar, Ace, and Mulch will not be able to access portals in Funkeystown.


We are sorry for any disappointment this change may cause.