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Harry Potter™ Whomping Willow™ Game
Product#: 43468
Price:  35.0000
Released:  2002
Battery Info:  Requires 3 AA batteries.
Ages:  5+
Product Description
The object of the Whomping Willow Game is to retrieve belongings from the Whomping Willow Tree using a wand in the form of a Flying Car, held by the player. Small Pieces of luggage, schoolbooks and Hedwigs dangle from the branches as the Whomping Willow Tree rotates. The branches of the tree are constructed with joints so that the Willow tree can be posed and create more challenging scenarios. Sounds, such as creaking branches, emanate from the tree as the game is played. The tree has an electronic timer that will score the player based upon the start (pressing the button) and the stop (pressing the button when finished) of the player. This game is for 1-4 players and requires 3 “AA” batteries.