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Miracle Baby™ Nursery Playset
Product#: 47251
Released:  2003
Ages:  3+
Product Description
This deluxe nursery environment comes with a soft and cuddly mini 8" Miracle Baby™ doll and lots of accessories and surprises. There is an armoire that opens to reveal a cozy bed for mini Miracle Baby™ doll and a dresser with a drawer that opens. There is also a play area with a toy bar with spinning beads and a toy box that opens for storage. There are lots of other accessories that are perfect for decorating the nursery with, including a lamp, picture frame and baby monitor. All of the accessories fit inside the house, and there's a special built-in seat on the outside for the mini Miracle Baby™ doll so you can easily pack up the nursery for on-the-go play!Includes a sweet charm bracelt gift.