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Product#: 56637
Released:  2002
Ages:  14+
Product Description
TUNERZ™ SET ASSORTMENT The first customized die-cast assembly kit that features the new hot import "tuner" cars. This innovative new concept allows you to create your own 1:18 scale tuner car! Kids also get an assembled replica with additional multi-piece modular parts to adapt the car however they want! Some of the modular parts included are custom spoilers, ground effect, rims and tires. Window box. Ages 8 and over. 56637 ASST. PAK 4 UPC CODE: 74299-56637-0 56297 STD. PAK 4 UPC CODE: 74299-56297-6 55634 STD. PAK 4 UPC CODE: 74299-55634-0 56296 STD. PAK 4 UPC CODE: 74299-56296-9