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Barbie™ Learn 2 Inline Skates™
Product#: 77203
Released:  2003
Discontinued:  2010
Ages:  3 yrs. & up
Product Description
The ultra-cool wheels on these skates are lined up for miles of fun, right from the start! Removable training wheels help kids learn to balance on inline skates and give them the boost of confidence they need to develop skating skills. When your child is ready to skate without extra help, it's quick and easy to take the training wheels off. A comfortable, high skate boot supports little ankles, and the flexible ankle strap makes it easy for kids to get the skates on and off. Rear brake, cool colors and awesome translucent wheels add to inline skating fun! Size adjusts easily for kids on-the-grow, from child's size 9 to size 1. Rated INTERMEDIATE in the Roll 2 Pro™ System. Maximum weight: 70 lbs. (32 kg).