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Learning Sensations™ AlphaSpinner™
Product#: 77951
Released:  2001
Discontinued:  2002
Ages:  3 yrs. & up
Product Description
The fun of learning through sight, sound & touch! Learning Sensations™ toys help preschoolers learn through an innovative, multisensory approach. AlphaSpinner™ uses the power of sight, sound and touch to teach letters, phonics, words, spelling and more. This interactive spinner lets kids "dial up" letters, hear their phonic sounds, an associated word, and more. When they've mastered the basics, they can press a button and "blast" to the next level to learn spelling. And kids can quiz themselves or just enjoy letter-rific fun with music and cool sounds. So put a whole new spin on learning ... bring the alphabet and phonics to life! Feel raised letters, A - Z Hear letters, phonics, words & fun sounds See upper & lower case words & animated images on screen Volume control & automatic shut-off 3 fun ways to learn! Teaches * Entire alphabet * Phonics * Letter/word association * Spelling basics Tests * Letter recognition * Letter sounds * Alphabetical order * Spelling (fill in the missing letter!) Tickles * Fun music & sounds * Create a musical letter rap