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Voice Tech™ Video Mission Rescue Heroes™ Billy Blazes™
Product#: 78178
Released:  2001
Discontinued:  2003
Battery Info:  3-Button (LR44)
Ages:  3 yrs. & up
Product Description
Voice Tech™ Video Mission Rescue Heroes ™ figures come to life with voices, sound effects and video images! They tackle their urgent Video Mission assignments and react with over 100 different rescue phrases. Kids can hear about the mission and see where it will be by pressing the buttons on the Rescue Heroes backpacks. 1) Press the audio button and you can hear the character say lots of phrases. 2) Press the video screen button and you can see the moving video image on the backpack. Wearing his high-temperature fire suit, Billy Blazes™ leads his firefighters to battle big fires that are out of control. With his removable helmet/fire mask and powerful fire hose, Billy squeezes through tight openings to rescue people trapped inside burning buildings. His exciting Video Mission backpack shows moving images while his VoiceTech™ capabilities let him say dozens of different rescue phrases for interacting with other Rescue Heroes™ figures and their vehicles.