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Mary-Kate and Ashley Year of Celebrations™ Senior Year™ Fashion doll Ashley
Product#: B4791
Released:  2004
Discontinued:  2006
Ages:  3+
Product Description
Mary-Kate and Ashley Graduation Celebration Doll Assortment Mary-Kate and Ashley are seniors in high school! With the Graduation Celebration dolls, girls can mix and match transformable fashions with tons of stylish accessories to create fashionable looks to take Mary-Kate and Ashley from their senior picnic to their graduation photo session and to all the fun parties. The assortment includes Mary-Kate wearing a navy hat, pin-stripe shirt, denim-look jacket with removable sleeves, adjustable pants that become capris and a dressy turquoise summer top plus earring and lace-up shoes. Ashley wears a denim-look hat, pin-stripe shirt, black twill-style jacket with removable sleeves, adjustable denim-look capri pants and a dressy moss green chiffon summer top with earrings and lace-up shoes. Includes accessories and adjustable fashions with removable sleeves and other features to let girls create different fashion looks for both dolls.