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Friendship Ponies™ Sweet Expressions Stable
Product#: B5187
Released:  2003
Discontinued:  2004
Battery Info:  3-C
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
The Friendship Ponies Stable is a beautifully designed horse stable that includes a doll, Haley and her pony, Comet. The structure has a central area with a magical cabinet and specific areas for both Haley and her pony to stand, two individual horse stalls with doors, one open stall that will house two more horses, a cubby area for farm friends, a hay loft/sleeping area for Haley and upstairs fenced pen. Outside the main structure is an apple tree with a turning base and a feed station for the ponies. The stable comes to life with speech from Haley and her ponies in the main stable area near the magical cabinet. Additional accessory pieces include: 3 fence pieces, brush, bow, blanket, saddle, 2 hair extensions, hay bale and a clump of horse feed.