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Rescue Heroes™ Optic Force™ Rock Miner™
Product#: B7687
Released:  2004
Discontinued:  2005
Ages:  3+
Product Description
When the rescue mission calls for a closer look, the Rescue Heroes™ Optic Force™ is the team to call. Rock Miner™’s high-tech periscope lets him see over fallen rocks and cavern walls to find trapped miners and scope out a clear exit. Just look through the eyepiece on his backpack to get a view of the immediate environment. Then slide up the periscope to get a “bird’s eye” view of the terrain ahead! If you ever think you’re trapped, just give a shout. Rock Miner and his periscope can see a way out! Other team members include Maureen Biologist™, Telly Photo™, Jake Justice™ and Matt Medic™. (Each sold separately and subject to availability.)