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Love to Walk Baby Pooh
Product#: B9043
Released:  2004
Discontinued:  2005
Battery Info:  4 AA
Ages:  18m +
Product Description
My 1st Steps Baby Pooh is learning to walk just like a real toddler! To get him started just squeeze his hand. Baby Pooh will slowly begin to walk, pause, then walk a little faster, after another pause he will walk even faster (he has 4 different speeds which can be randomly programmed.) He will say cute phrases that show he is learning to walk. Baby Pooh can also be sound activated. Each time the child talks to Pooh or claps he will magically begin to walk in one the 4 different walking speeds or to the left or to the right. Baby Pooh will know when he falls down and ask for help in getting up. He also knows when you pick him up and when you hug him and let you know by saying additional adorable phrases!! Baby Pooh says over 30 phrases in all and plays a great walking melody too!!!