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Fimbles Soft 'n Cuddly Friend - Bessie
Product#: B9713
Released:  2003
Discontinued:  2004
Ages:  Birth and Up
Product Description
These super soft, striped, cuddly characters will allow kids everywhere to experience the unique magic of Fimbles. Each Soft 'n Cuddly Friend is approximately 6.25 inches high and is made of soft plush fabric.

The assortment is being refreshed for spring 2005 with the three main Fimbles characters holding their favorite things or friends: Fimbo with his Shimmy Shaker, Florrie with Little One and Baby Pom is holding Ribble.

In addition, the assortment will also include these continuing characters: Rockit, Roly Mo and Bessie. Each Fimbles Soft 'n Cuddly Friend has a dennisoned hang tag and they come pre-packed in a 12-count counter display tray for instant retail merchandising opportunities.