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Rescue Heroes® Wildlife Team™ Marshall Artz™ & Akido ™
Product#: B9781
Released:  2003
Discontinued:  2005
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
Animal instincts guide these amazing Rescue Heroes®! The Rescue Heroes® Wildlife Team™ responds to disasters and dire emergencies around the globe. In the majestic mountain ranges of the Tibetan plateau, Marshall Artz™ and his panda pal, Akido™, answer the call. Akido's pack adds to his natural climbing ability with a retractable zip line that helps him and Marshall zip over the deepest ravines to reach stranded climbers and explorers. People high on a cliff with no way to get down are glad to have Marshall Artz and Akido around! Other team members include Brandon Irons™ & Koyle™, Bob Sled™ & Tundra™, Sandy Beach™ & Tides™, Moe Zambeek™ & Spotter™, Pat Pending™ & Specs™, and Thurston Nomore™ & Rolls™. (Each sold separately and subject to availability.)