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Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Railway App
Product#: BDP62
Released:  2012
Product Description
Thomas is moving! Download Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Railway App for free from the App Store today to continue to get app updates.

Now you can experience Thomas & friends like never before! Read, watch, listen, and play with Thomas, Hiro, and all your favorite engines in this action-packed adventure. With multi-touch animation, CGI video, painting, puzzles, and games, Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Railway provides a unique immersive experience the whole family will enjoy!
After a race with Spencer lands Thomas in the bushes, he discovers Hiro, and abandoned engine from a far-away land. Once called Master of the Railway, Hiro is now rusty and broken. Thomas promises to help repair him, but quickly realizes that he can’t complete his usual jobs and help Hiro on his own. To make matters worse, nosy Spencer is close to figuring out that Thomas is up to something! Can Thomas and his friends pull together to help Hiro before it’s too late?