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Matchbox® Marine Rescue Shark Ship
Product#: BFN57
Released:  2014
Battery Info:  No batteriees required
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
All aboard for high seas adventures! There's a sneaky shark on the loose and he's snacking on Matchbox® cars! Lucky for kids, this is no ordinary Shark Ship®-it floats in water and rolls on land so kids can keep the adventures going from the tabletop to the tub! Send the squirting helicopter “flying” to distract the shark then use the water cannon to blast the shark and free the cars from his chomping jaws. Once the cars have raced to freedom, scoop the shark onto the ship by lowering the crane arm, swinging him onto the deck and sailing off to release him far, far away. Kids will love playing out the heroic adventures of rescuing their cars from the giant shark. Includes one large-scale rolling and floating ship with a swinging/lowering crane arm; one car-chomping shark; two water-safe cars; one helicopter that doubles as a squeegee toy; one water cannon that mounts to front of the ship and one floating raft that launches from boat and carries one car.

o Mega-sized ship floats in water and rolls on land for double the fun
o Kids will love rescuing their cars from the sneaky car-chomping shark
o Play continues from the tabletop to the tub
o Includes a crane arm, chomping shark, helicopter toy, water cannon and floating raft
o Comes with two water-safe cars