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Monster High™ Monster Maker
Product#: BLT07
Released:  2014
Discontinued:  2015
Battery Info:  6 AA batteries
Ages:  8 years and up
Product Description
The Monster High™ Monster Maker allows fans to create their own monster designs with the ultimate customization tool. Users can create their own unique doll via design software and transfer their creations to the Monster Maker machine. The Monster Maker draws the user’s design onto the individual body part, allowing the user to watch the whole design process unfold.

Create your own monster designs using the ultimate customization tool, the Monster High™ Monster Maker! Choose pre-designed icons from the software or use to create your own custom designs! Place blank body parts into the Monster Maker and transmit your design from your tablet (iOS or Android) or computer device (not included). The Monster Maker does the rest! Assemble and display your own unique monster!

Includes the Monster Maker machine, Monster Maker software (download and App), body part adapters, nine colored markers, three doll stands, one tool stand, an eraser sponge, three blank fashions and shoes, a rooted wig, two molded wigs and three "blank" bodies ready for monster customization!

Not compatible with all iOS and Android tablet designs.
USB printer cable required for computer users. Tablet, computer and USB not included.
Available online only.

Compatibility information: Tablets: Made for iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPad (3rd generation), iOS 7.0 or higher required. Samsung Galaxy Tab®, Samsung Galaxy Tab® 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab® 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab® 8.9, Samsung Galaxy Tab® 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Note®, Nexus 7™ tablet, Nexus 10™ tablet, Sony Xperia™ Tablet Z, Toshiba Excite™.

Not compatible with mobile phones.

PC/MAC® Minimum Requirements: Latest version of your favorite web browser. PC: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Intel® Core™ i3 Processor, 2 GB RAM Mac: Mac OS®X 10.7 USB cable required for Windows® and Mac® users.

USB cable not included. Tablet and computer not included.