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AmiGami™ Raccoon
Product#: BLV32
Released:  2015
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  6 years and up
Product Description
AmiGami™ is a totally new way to play and express your creativity! This set includes an adorable plastic AmiGami™ raccoon figure ready for you to make a one-of-a-kind creation. Choose from 30 different AmiGami™ paper parts -- like ears, tails, wings and hair -- that have colorful patterns on both sides and can be shaped to any style. Simply punch out a paper part and use the jewel pins to attach onto the plastic figure. There is no wrong way to create your AmiGami™ figure -- you can use tails as ears or ears as wings! Also includes a curling tool to make awesome spirals. Add on even more cuteness with 55 reusable stickers to choose from, such as a variety of eyes, jewelry, hearts, glasses and more. You can keep it simple, make it wild, stack them or curl them! With more than 500 combinations to create, every AmiGami™ figure is unique because they are Made by You!™. Includes one plastic AmiGami™ figure, 30 AmiGami™ paper parts, 55 reusable stickers, one curling tool and six attachment jewel pins.
• AmiGami™ is a totally new way to play and express your creativity!
• Make it simple or wild, stack them or curl them -- it’s completely up to you. Every AmiGami™ figure is one-of-a-kind because they are Made By You!™
• Contains a plastic AmiGami™ raccoon that can be customized with 30 different colorful AmiGami™ paper parts.
• Includes 6 jewel pins to attach AmiGami™ paper parts and 1 curling tool to shape-n-style.
• Includes 55 reusable stickers, such as eyes, jewelry, cupcakes, hearts, glasses and more!
• Choose from 12 adorable AmiGami™ figures, including a dog, cat, horse, pig, deer, bunny, bear, raccoon, giraffe, panda, monkey and chameleon (each sold separately).