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BOOMco.™ Whipblast™ Blaster
Product#: BMJ71
Released:  2014
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  6 years and up
Product Description
HaveABlast™ with BOOMco.™! The BOOMco.™ Whipblast™ Blaster features the BOOMco.™ awesome Smart Stick™ system that lets you see exactly where you nailed it! The tip of every dart sticks like crazy to all Smart Stick™ targets and blaster shields. The Whipblast™ Blaster gives you an epic new way to blast— where you can flip up, and blast away! Each time the blaster handle is pulled down, it loads, and with a quick whip of the wrist, the blaster fires up to 60 feet! It features an awesome single fire, quad-barrel design…one for shooting, and three for storing darts. Plus, with rotating removable Smart Stick™ shields, you can capture your opponent’s darts and then use them yourself! To create a more personalized blaster, just pick up the printable Target Sticker Pack (sold separately) and create your own Smart Stick™ blaster shield designs! Comes with Whipblast™ Blaster, transforming blaster shields, 4 Smart Stick™ darts and a Smart Stick™ Target.

• Epic new way to blast—pull down the blaster to load, and flip up to fire!

• Single fire, quad barrel design—one for shooting, and three for storing darts

• Fires up to 60 feet

• Rotating Smart Stick™ removable shields

• Comes with 4 Smart Stick™ darts and a Smart Stick™ Target