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Bubble Mower
Product#: BML95
Released:  2013
Battery Info:  No batteries required.
Ages:  2 years and up
Product Description
Our Bubble Mower in Amazon's Frustration Free Packaging. The Bubble Mower XLT is the first bubble mower ready for an outdoor adventure. Updated styling allows for improved ground clearance, all terrain traction on the tires, and a deeper well for the bubble solution so there's less spillage. We've added play features kids love including realistic "electric start" key and lever to "control your speed". Filling it up is a breeze now too thanks to a special cap for the solution bottle. The cap includes a valve which allows "just the right amount" of solution to be dispensed into the well. When the solution needs to be "re-charged," kids just push down on the bottle again. All of these improvements add to the real feel of the Bubble Mower XLT and make this classic role playing item more fun than ever!