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Healthy Careā„¢ High Chair CAT'S MEOW
Product#: C5936
Price:  0.0000
Released:  2003
Ages:  It is recommended that the high chair be used in the upright position only by children capable of sitting upright.
Product Description
A restage of the Healthy Care High Chair with removable feeding tray, this product will focus on making the product "better for baby" by making it healthier. First the 5 point restraint system will be simplified to make removal of the softgoods for washing easier. Next, since we know that babies love to teethe on things and they also love to throw things from their high chair, we will be adding a linked teether toy. It will allow baby to pacify himself while waiting for his meal, and since it is linked to the tray it can't be thrown off and get dirty, keeping baby healthier. It will retain all of the features that made it great like 7 height adjustment, 3 position recline, 5 point restraint, machine washable and wipeable poly cotton vinyl pad, sturdy steel frame construction, and convenient towel bar and storage for base tray on legs.