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BOOMco.™ Stealth Ambush™ Blaster
Product#: CBP42
Released:  2014
Battery Info:  No Batteries Required
Ages:  6 years and up
Product Description
HaveABlast™ with BOOMco.™! BOOMco.™ products feature Smart Stick™ technology, an awesome material that’s on the tip of every dart and in every round, that sticks to BOOMco.™ targets and blaster shields—so you see exactly where you nailed it! The Stealth Ambush™ Blaster is the ultimate surprise blast! Slam fire 8 darts as fast as you can with the BOOMco.™ clip system, up to 70 feet. But when your opponent has you surrounded, surprise him with an extra blast of darts through an awesome reveal—a hidden chamber pops up and fires 3 darts all at once! The wings of the blaster also pop open to reveal another 6 darts for fast and easy reload. When fully loaded, the Stealth Ambush™ Blaster houses 17 Smart Stick™ darts. Plus, the blaster’s push button transforming removable shields with Smart Stick™ technology let you capture your opponent’s darts so you can use them yourself!