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Disney Cars Luigi's Loop Playset
Product#: CDW67
Released:  2014
Battery Info:  No Batteries Required
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
Connect, collect, create and build out the world of Radiator Springs from Disney•Pixar Cars This exciting story themed play set features a favorite setting from the hit animated movies. Ride into Luigi’s through a giant tire loop or use the swinging door. Take the huge ramp up to jump off the top of the tire! Then service your wheels with a car lift that actually spins so Lightning McQueen can get full rotation! Removable/interchangeable storytelling pieces like Luigi's sign, a giant stack of wobbly tires, plants and an air compressor add to the whimsical fun and the set can be configured in over 6 different ways so kids can mix it up and then move it again! Enhance the ramp and jump by adding launcher accessories for extra boost, sold separately. Multiple connection points also allow kids to connect with other play sets, accessories and transporters in the Story Sets system, for even more ways to expand the creative, storytelling adventures! Each set sold separately. Includes a Lightning McQueen character car to get the action off to a speedy start. Ages 3 and older.