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Hot Wheels® Mutant Machines™ Cyborg Crusher® Vehicle
Product#: CGM81
Released:  2015
Battery Info:  No Batteries Required
Ages:  4 years and up
Product Description
Beneath Hot Wheels™ City live the Hot Wheels® Mutant Machines™ – half creature, half vehicle hybrids who were the result of a failed laboratory experiment. These deviants lurk underground waiting for their chance to take over the world! But they don't "drive" – they bend, connect, slither and stretch with unique movement and styling. Their "wiggle" motion is due to their animal-like spine, and they can connect to each other at the front and back to create a long Mutant Machine™ train. These vehicles have a life of their own and allow for enhanced storytelling and push-around play. For new, imaginative, underworld play possibilities, get the whole fleet (each sold separately). Colors and decorations may vary.

Hot Wheels® Mutant Machines™ are half creatures and half vehicles that reside in the underbelly of Hot Wheels™ City and encourage exploration and enhanced storytelling through push-around play.

These vehicles don't "drive" like a typical Hot Wheels® car – they bend, connect, slither and stretch with creature-like styling and design.

The Mutant Machines™ can connect to one another (each sold separately) at the front and the back so kids can create a super long mutant train!
Each has an animal-like spine that allows them to "wiggle" and twist unlike the typical car.