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WWE® Create a WWE® Superstar Ring Builder playset
Product#: CMB52
Released:  2015
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  6 years and up
Product Description
It’s the ultimate thrill center for all the WWE® action and now YOU can create your very own WWE® ring! Mix-and-match more than 30 parts — turnbuckles, ropes, mats, and more — to create a ring that’s never been seen.

Build your dream ring, then brawl it out with your 6-inch Superstars (sold separately). Tear it down, rebuild and start the WWE® action all over again.

Go all out and create a one-of-a-kind WWE® world by adding Create A WWE® Superstar and Customize a WWE® Superstar figures (sold separately). Each ring sold separately, subject to availability.

Colors and decorations may vary.