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Mega Bloks® Call of Duty Hovercraft
Product#: DCL07
Released:  2015
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  14 years and up
Product Description

The Hovercraft is an amphibious vessel that can venture where no other boat or vehicle can go. It is uniquely equipped to travel across water, mud or even land! This authentic buildable military vessel measures 13.75” wide, 21.5” long, and 11.5” high and is powered by rotating fans and propellers. It features multiple opening compartments like the armory and engine rooms and a chain accessory to anchor other builds to the hull. The Hovercraft has a landing dock that opens and closes, creating a ramp to the mainland for transporting vehicles, personnel, equipment and supplies. It comes with four highly detailed and poseable micro action figures with interchangeable surveillance accessories. Establish a mobile command post and recreate an epic battle scene!

Ideal for ages 16 and up


  • Buildable Hovercraft vessel 13.75" wide, 21.5" long, 11.5" high with rotating fans and propellers, moveable rudders and folding landing docks
  • Opening compartments including an armory, equipment storage, surveillance lookout and cockpit
  • Four chain accessories to anchor other builds to the hull of the Hovercraft
  • Four super-poseable micro action figures including Frost and Sandman
  • Highly detailed, interchangeable surveillance accessories and gold sniper rifle
  • Exclusive care package
  • 2,795 pieces