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Biteology Class
Product#: DKY23
Released:  2015
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  6 years and up
Product Description

It’s a new scaremester for Lagoona Blue®, and the course-load is a killer! Lagoona just barely has time to stop by her locker before rushing off to Biteology Class by Mega Bloks
Monster High®. Build the classroom and sit Lagoona at the desk in her swiveling chair. When the lesson gets frightfully dull, flip over the chalkboard to reveal a chemistry experiment that Lagoona can really sink her teeth into! The classroom comes with all kinds of spooky school supplies and a rotating locker that you can open and close to store Lagoona’s freaky fab accessories!

Ideal for ages 6 and up

  • Buildable classroom with desk, swiveling chair, blackboard that flips to reveal a chemistry set, and a locker that opens
  • One highly detailed, fully articulated Lagoona Blue® mini monster figure with purse and iCoffin® accessories
  • Customize your classroom display when you open up the hinged wall or stack the locker on top!
  • Accessories include a laptop, chemistry set, book, and candle
  • Connect all the sets in the collection and build your Monster High!