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Think & Learn 360° Right Turn Add-on
Product#: DPW44
Released:  2016
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  3 - 6 years and up
Product Description
How do you make the Code-a-Pillar™ GROW and go? With this easy-to-connect, add-on segment that instructs the Code-a-Pillar™ to turn 360 degrees to the right. (That’s a full circle.) Just add this segment anywhere on the Code-a-Pillar™ to have it move in a way you haven’t seen before! Look for more single, add-on packs or expansion 3-packs that your preschooler can use to create even more combinations and nearly endless possibilities for the Code-a-Pillar™! (Each sold separately and subject to availability.)

One add-on command segment instructs Code-a-Pillar™ to turn right 360 degrees

Easy to connect anywhere on the Code-a-Pillar™

Collect all the single, add-on packs and expansion 3-packs to make the Code-a-Pillar™ grow and go even further! (Each sold separately and subject to availability)