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Fisher-Price® Think & Learn Smart Scan Color Chameleon
Product#: DRM39
Released:  2016
Battery Info:  4 AAA batteries
Battery compartment is located on the bottom of the product
Ages:  3 - 6 years
Product Description
This cute little toy Chameleon encourages kids to explore the world around them to learn about colors and numbers.

Press the button on the Chameleon's tail to scan any color they find (the rug, the floor, a pillow). The Chameleon will turn that color – and even identify it for kids! Or, they can spread the paint splats on the floor, pick a play mode and be prompted to follow directions, count, play games and more!

There are 3 interactive ways to play Colors, Counting and Games.

In Colors mode, the Chameleon encourages color hunts and other interactive play to help kids understand the difference between colors and identify each color by name.

"That's red! Show me your favorite color." He'll even teach them how to mix colors to make new ones! "Let's make purple. What colors do we need?

"In Counting mode, as kids scan colors and the Chameleon changes colors, they count them together.

The Chameleon can also help teach your preschooler numbers. "What comes after the number 6 but before the number 8?"In Games mode, kids will love trying to beat the clock as they play timed games like Follow the Lights and Counting Colors!

"Find 5 blue objects in 10 seconds. Ready? Go." In this mode, preschoolers are having lots of fun while they're learning to listen & follow directions!

Smart Scan Color Chameleon is one of the new Think & Learn toys from Fisher-Price that goes beyond ABCs and 123s to help children learn how to think independently. Each toy fosters 21st century skills like curiosity, experimentation and problem solving in ways kids haven't seen before.

They're engaged in hands-on, open-ended discovery that helps them become lifelong learners.

This color-changing Chameleon teaches colors and counting in a whole new (and fun) way!

Press the button on his tail to scan any color – he’ll turn that color and identify it by name too!

3 interactive ways to play & learn Colors, Counting & Games mode

Includes Smart Scan Color Chameleon and 10 paint/number splats

Helps teach color recognition, numbers, counting, following directions and more!

While kids are playing, they’re actively learning, too!