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Hot Wheels® Track Builder™ Power Booster Kit: Rocket Edition
Product#: DXY39
Released:  2016
Battery Info:  4 D batteries
Ages:  5 years and up
Product Description
The Hot Wheels® Track Builder System™ gives you the tools to create the track of your dreams. Now you can stack power boosters to add insane speed at two levels when competing with friends. The Power Booster Kit includes over 40 pieces plus 8 launching rockets, two boosters so you can boost your crash, your loops and head-to-head races! There are four set builds right out of the box. Connect to other Track Builder sets and reconfigure to hack the track with the Builder’s Guide (included). Features a "play-able" package that allows you to create your own game of ski ball or construct an epic loop. Comes with one Hot Wheels® car. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary. Batteries not included. Requires 4 D-batteries.

Hot Wheels® Track Builder Systems™ stunt sets expand the world of play.

Test the limits of your Hot Wheels® vehicles with the super boosted performance of the Track Builder System™ Power Booster Kit!

Add insane speed with power boosters when competing with friends!

Build up to 4 different races with this versatile set!

The possibilities are endless with open system play!

Now featuring 8 launching rockets to add an explosive finish!