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Fisher-Price® Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ Daring Derail Set
Product#: FBK07
Released:  2017
Battery Info:  2 AAA batteries
Ages:  3 - 7 years
Product Description
Children will feel like part of the adventure as they watch the No. 1 blue engine avoid disaster in the Thomas & Friends™ TrackMaster™ Daring Derail Set from Fisher-Price. When an explosion blows the bridge out of position, it forces Thomas to derail, but even a dangerous blast can't stop him! As children send motorized Thomas around the train set and up towards the bridge, the crate of TNT pops out of his cargo car, creating an explosion that shifts the bridge and causes "flames" to shoot up. The busted bridge derails Thomas, forcing him onto the dirt slope, but he quickly recovers and gets back on track! For another way to play, kids can adjust the railway sign to send Thomas over the bridge without derailing him.

Complete Thomas & Friends™ train set includes motorized Thomas, cargo car, cargo crate, and full track layout with derailing bridge feature

Send Thomas towards the bridge and he'll trigger the blast – his cargo pops out and lands in the cargo holder, a "flame" shoots up, and the bridge moves

The bridge derails Thomas and forces him down the slope

At the bottom of the slope, Thomas rides back onto the tracks

Adjust the railway sign to turn off the derailing feature and Thomas will complete a full loop over the bridge

Connect to other TrackMaster™ train sets and expansion packs (sold separately) to create a bigger, more exciting motorized railway