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Fisher-Price® Revolve Swing
Product#: FBL70
Released:  2017
Battery Info:  AC Adapter
Ages:  Use from birth until the infant attempts to climb out (approximately 9 months).
Product Description


Rockers, Swings, and Bouncers should not be used for sleep. In 2022 the ASTM safety warnings for these products were revised to state:  

“Stay near and watch baby during use. This product is not safe for sleep or unsupervised use. If baby falls asleep, remove baby as soon as possible and place baby on a firm, flat surface, such as a crib or bassinet.”

The Fisher-Price® Revolve Swing combines head-to-toe, circular and swinging motions, inspired by mom's natural movements, to help soothe your little one in a familiar way! Your newborn will be mesmerized by the overhead mobile with mirror and three birds that "fly" as the swing moves. The six motion speeds, 16 gentle songs and three soothing sounds add to the calming, restful environment. And the dual-position reclining seat with plush seat pad and head support keep baby comfy whether asleep or awake. The Revolve Swing is also a dream-come-true for new parents who are tight on space. That's because the sleek frame uses 25 percent less floor space than other swings. This swing is both snooze-inducing and space-saving too - so it's sure to be baby's and your new best friend! Where development comes into play™ Sensory: Gentle motions, soft fabrics, and soothing music stimulate your baby's senses. Security & Happiness: The swing's gentle motions and soothing music provide comfort and security for your baby.
Continuous motion gives baby an ever-changing view!
6 motion speeds, 16 songs, 3 soothing sound effects
2-position reclining seat
Overhead mobile with mirror and 3 birds that "fly" with the swing's movement
Plush, machine-washable seat pad and head support
Sleek, space-saving frame
AC plug-powered - save on batteries!
Secure, 5-point restraint