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Fisher-Price® Premium Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper with SmartConnect™
Product#: FBR67
Released:  2017
Battery Info:  AC Adaptor
Ages:  Use only with an infant unable to roll over or pull up on sides, whichever comes first.
Product Description
Send your little one off to dreamland in serene comfort with the soothing rocking, calming vibrations, and innovative projected light show of this cozy sleeper. With up to 20 minutes of tranquil tunes, plush and supportive padding, and hands-free rocking, this is the ultimate sweet dream machine for your little angel. And when they're in the mood to play, two removable link toys can be added for bat-at fun. And, with cutting-edge Smart Connect™ technology, you can conveniently control and customize your baby's experience from the palm of your hand with your smart device. Easily control the sounds and tunes, the overhead display, or even the rocking speed from anywhere in the house...and all without disturbing your little snoozer! Where development comes into play™ Sensory Skills: Stimulate baby's senses with a variety of soft textures, light-up projection and auto-rocking motion. Security & Happiness: The soft seat and gentle rocking help soothe baby and become part of the nap and bedtime routine, giving baby a sense of security.

Look at that! Soothing light projection, with optional vibrations, help calm baby
Two speeds and two customizable modes for naptime or night time
Save your favorite settings with convenient presets
Includes up to 20 minutes of soothing sounds and music, plus volume control
Control and customize baby’s experience from your smart device with Smart Connect™ technology
Machine-washable pad, plush head support, and canopy create a cozy environment for snoozing
Includes 2 removable link toys for bat-at play
Comfortable inclined seat for babies who need it
Easily folds for storage or soothing on the go