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Monster High™ Abbey Bominable™ Collector Doll
Product#: FGD27
Released:  2017
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  Adult
Product Description
Abbey Bominable™ doll has never looked cooler -- this Monster High™ collectible doll wears an exquisite outfit that is both fashion forward and monster legacy. Luxe materials, unique details and furry touches keep this daughter of a Yeti warm, and her animal bestie, Shiver™, keeps her company. Abbey Bominable™ doll is gore-geous in a dress that mixes a shimmery snow-inspired print on blue with black and white furry accents in a chevron pattern on the skirt. The same furry trim is used for a stole that clasps with a red icicle-inspired "gem," and it decorates her fabulous boots -- the pink winter boots have silvery lace details, snow cleats and transparent "icy" heels that reveal a wooly mammoth inside. Her hair and makeup are fangtastic! A crimped hairstyle amps up her colorful streaks (pink, blue, white, purple and black), and a mammoth-decorated hairpiece with bone creates a hair-raising style. The richly designed makeup adds to the luxe look. And Shiver™, her pet wooly mammoth, is aahh-dorable with white furry accents and a face that will warm your heart. Use the doll stand to capture display poses with this chill duo. Abbey Bominable™ doll has additional working joints and a longer torso and legs to expand the posing possibilities. Let this spooktacular doll bring your Monster High™ doll collection to life! Includes Abbey Bominable™ doll wearing fashions and accessories, Shiver™ figure and doll stand. Colors and decorations may vary.

This collector edition of Abbey Bominable™ doll with Shiver™ figure looks gore-geous wearing colorful face paint and an exquisite outfit!

The bodice of her dress is designed in a winter-inspired print that has pink sparkly touches; the skirt has chevron stripes alternating with the print and a black and white furry fabric.

A matching furry stole is held in place around her shoulders with a red icicle-inspired clasp.

Pink boots have furry trim, silvery detailed laces and transparent "icy" heels that reveal a woolly mammoth inside.

Crimped hair with pink, blue, purple and white streaks is hair-raising.

Intricate face paint enhances the luxe party feel for this cool daughter of a Yeti!

Additional working joints, a longer torso and legs and a doll stand enable monsterrific poses so you can freeze a moment in time with Abbey Bominable™ doll!

Let this spooktacular doll bring your Monster High™ doll collection to life!