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Monster High™ Ghoul to Mermaid Lagoona Blue™ Transformation Doll
Product#: FKP48
Released:  2018
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  6 years and up
Product Description
The Monster High™ dolls have so many talents -- Lagoona Blue™ doll can go from gore-geous ghoul to fintastic mermaid and back again! Grab her hood and pull down her caped dress to reveal the transformation. In an instant, she has a mermaid tail that matches her pink wing-like fins. Lagoona Blue™ doll dives into the latest fashion trends wearing a shimmery dress with a coral floral print on blue stripes, hard matching hood and cute shoes. Pink wing-like fins extend from her back for drama. But things get more dramatic as a monsterrific mermaid. A colorful top has bold color-blocking, and her mermaid tail shimmers with a sea-inspired print and sheer, glittery fins. Lift the tail back up and lock the hood to reverse the transformation. Young ghouls can play out so many transformations and explore so many stories at Monster High™ because Everyone Is Welcome! Collect all of the Monster High™ dolls to transform your collection (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes Lagoona Blue™ doll with transforming feature wearing fashion. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

The Monster High™ dolls have amazing creature features -- Lagoona Blue™ doll transforms from a gore-geous ghoul to a fintastic mermaid in an instant!

Unlock her hood and pull down to turn her caped dress into a shimmery mermaid tail with sea-inspired print.

Bring it back up to go from mermaid to ghoul.

Repeat whenever you want a wow moment!

The 12-inch doll wears a trendy outfit: a dress with a floral print over stripes, matching shoes and a cape with hard coral hood and wing-like fins with textured webbing.

Lagoona Blue™ doll's monsterrific transformation inspires imaginations and helps stories take off with shimmery touches and coral streaks in her blonde hair.

Collect all of the Monster High™ dolls to build a world where Everyone Is Welcome