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Bold™ Jurassic World™
Product#: FLK64
Released:  2018
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  7 years and up
Product Description
Are you a risk taker? How well do you trust your memory? Introducing a fun, new matching game that tests how far you're willing to go. With the new BOLD™ Jurassic World card game, you're trying to match cards showing T. rex; Blue, the leader of the Raptors; and Gallimimus—iconic dinosaurs from Jurassic World! Can you remember where the matches are? Shuffle the cards, place them face down in a grid formation, and then flip two of them over. Do the dinosaurs you've unearthed match in type, color, or size? If yes, that's a pair! And you can also match based on the cards' background patterns: dinosaur footprints or symbols of atoms and DNA. Now comes a test of your mettle: will you take your points and run or will you gamble them by flipping another card hoping it will share a feature with the first two? The game becomes more intense as it goes on and you remember more! To win the BOLD™ Jurassic World card game you need memory, nerve, and maybe a little luck. Simple to take and play anywhere, and even more fun for Jurassic World fans! BOLD™ consists of 85 cards and instructions. Fun for 2-4 players, age 7 and above! Colors and decorations may vary.


BOLD™ Jurassic World card game—it’s a game of risk and reward.

Will your memory let you down or make you the winner

Flip over cards showing images from Jurassic World, and try to find dinosaurs that match in type, color, or size. You can also make matches based on the cards’ background patterns.

After you find one or more matches, will you keep your points and pass or increase your risk (and possible reward) by turning over another card

Let's see how bold you are!

Game includes 85 cards. Fun for 2-4 dinosaur-loving players, age 7 and above.