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Fisher-Price® Stack & Slide Magic Mountain™
Product#: FNV40
Released:  2018
Battery Info:  2 AA Alkaline batteries
Ages:  6 Months +
Product Description
"Peak" your baby's interest with this magical mountain, which features colorful rings for stacking and building fun, a light-up purple pal, and a little rattle bear to send sliding down the mountain! Rewarding sounds, phrases, and music introduce your little mountaineer to counting and colors and keep the fun climbing!

Where development comes into play™

Fine Motor: As your baby grasps and stacks the rings and drops the rattle bear through the mountain, they're developing hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Problem Solving: As little ones work to figure out how to stack the rings to create the mountain, they're developing important problem solving skills

Curiosity & Wonder: Your baby is introduced to cause and effect as they discover how to activate the lights and sounds by pressing the light-up purple pal or dropping the rattle through the mountain.

2 ways to play: Stack & build and Drop & slide!
4 colorful, numbered rings for stacking & building
Drop the rattle bear through the mountain for fun sounds & music
Press the light-up purple pal for phrases & songs about counting & colors
Figuring out to stack the rings to build the mountain helps little ones develop problem-solving skills