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Fisher-Price® Octonauts™ Gup-A Megapack
Product#: FNX38
Released:  2018
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
2-in-1 fun! It's a playset... it's a vehicle…it's the Biggest Gup-A ever with even more creatures and creature cards! Perfect for all your Octo-Cadet's adventures, the Gup-A is a rolling vehicle that opens to reveal a full playset packed with 37 play pieces and 10 double-sided creature cards! The Gup-A stands over 30 cm (12 in) and comes with 20 creatures to rescue and a creature report monitor -just like the Octonauts use on the show plus so much more! Kids can slide one of the double-sided creature cards into the monitor and pretend to be just like crew, discovering amazing new sea creatures! The Gup-A comes with all the tools needed for a mission including Peso’s med kit, bandage casts for the snot sea cucumber and eel, rescue tube, coral piece, Octo-grabber, Octo Rescue Rover and satellite. For added fun, there's even a secret stowaway compartment kids can check to make sure there aren't any lost or hiding creatures inside! The Gup-A comes with Shellington, Peso, Tweak, 20 creatures, 14 accessories, and 10 double-sided creature cards.

The Gup-A opens to reveal a fully-stocked playset!

Includes 3 Octonauts figures and 14 accessories

Includes 10 double-sided cards and 20 creatures to rescue!

Check for any lost or hiding creatures in the side stowaway compartment!

Fold and go! Everything stores inside!