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Hot Wheels® TechMods™ Accelo GT™
Product#: FRW25
Released:  2019
Battery Info:  1-3.7 V LiPo; (included)
Ages:  8 years & up
Product Description
Build. Connect. Drive. Hot Wheels® TechMods™ Accelo GT™ is a one-of-a-kind RC kit for physical and digital game play experiences! Download the free app, build the car from the chassis up, and use a smart device to drive the high-performance RC. Use the vehicle to drive the app and play the different mini-games, collect digital treasures, and level up. The TechMods™ app lets kids drive car in freestyle mode or treasure hunt mode. In controller mode, kids drive the physical car to win mini-games and earn points. Redeem points in different ways to customize the car's digital specs, performance and avatar, keeping kids engaged and driving for hours of repeat play! Includes gamified and visual tutorials. Unlock new challenges and storytelling! This true physical to digital experience includes building and customizing elements in addition to classic RC play. Ages 8-16 years old.

Build: Unlock their inner mechanic as kids build the TechMod™ Hyper Accelo GT™ from the ground up.

Connect: Download the free app and pair the vehicle to a smart phone or other device, choose an avatar and conquer digital and physical challenges for rewards.

Drive: Freestyle mode, treasure hunt mode and controller mode unlock mini-games and challenges to level up for hours of play.

High-performance RC car controlled by smart device (not included) with free app and updates. Includes gamified and visual tutorials to customize vehicle and sharpen driving skills.