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Shorties™ Gia™ Doll
Product#: G4866
Released:  2004
Ages:  3+
Product Description
They might be small but they are big on personality and style! Expect the unexpected with the Shorties*. Only two inches high, the Shorties fit perfectly into their crazy little world. Gia™, Nia™ and Zia™ come from a place where everyone is short and that?s the way they like it. Each of these bubbly, fun dolls has a different look and style. Each character comes with tons of pieces that reflect their unique personalities. Gia™ is all about fashion. She comes with a cell phone, makeup and other trendy accessories. Nia™ is the rocker in the clique. In her room she has cool vintage furniture and a kickin? skateboard. Zia™ loves retro and has an eclectic style all her own from her disco ball to her old school record player. Each doll comes with two additional fashions, or Pop Bods* as they call them. To change the Pop Bods*, ?pop off? the doll?s head and then ?pop it? back on! There is also a magnetic feature that lets dolls interact with their pets.