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My Scene™ Styles To Go® Dress& Go™ Playset
Product#: G6339
Released:  2005
Ages:  6+
Product Description
The My Scene™ girls are all about shopping and fashion, so of course they need a hip spot to store and display all of their fashionable finds! On the outside, the My Scene™ Shop & Go™ playsets looks like a trendy boutique and the Dress & Go™ playset is decked out like a cool girl's room. But on the inside, these playsets transform into a hip place to store and display My Scene™ fashions and accessories. What's more, the entire unit packs up so a girl can take her My Scene™ gear with her on the go! Each set comes with a playset/display case as well as two fashions and over 15 accessories. Unique package. Dolls not included.