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REAL TALKIN' BUBBA™ Doll Assortment
Product#: G8962
Released:  2004
Battery Info:  3 - AA
Ages:  3+
Product Description
REAL TALKIN' BUBBA™ ASSORTMENT The hilarious Real Talkin' Bubba™ bear is back with even more wise crackin' fun! Real Talkin' Bubba™ is the bear that always has something fun to say or a joke to play. Start Real Talkin' Bubba™ up and he keeps on talkin' until you stop playin'! Sensors and a microphone let Real Talkin' Bubba™ know when you respond to his prompts – he may tell you to bounce him, bring his foot to his ear so he can answer his “foot phone”, or help him exercise. He'll keep prompting you until you do what he says! Just don't be surprised by any rude noise he may make or it he tells you that you need a breath mint. The assortment includes three Real Talkin' Bubba™ bears in plaid shirts, shades and trucker hats in different colors. Requires three AA batteries, not included. Open try-me, re-usable easy chair package. Ages 3 and over. TV. G8962 STD. PAK 3 UPC CODE: 27084-19145-5 ©2004 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved. REAL TALKIN' BUBBA and associated trademarks are owned by Mattel, Inc.