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Imaginext® playset featuring Disney•Pixar Toy Story™ Buzz Lightyear™ Robot
Product#: GBG65
Released:  2019
Battery Info:  No batteries required.
Ages:  3 - 8 years
Product Description
Your little Space Ranger will love creating awesome Toy Story adventures with Buzz Lightyear and this Imaginext® robot playset, which features a removable spaceship and launch pad! Place Buzz in the cockpit of the spaceship and turn the Power Pad to open the wings. Now he's ready to blast off—to infinity and beyond! With a fully loaded projectile launcher, retractable claw arm, and hidden jail cell, this action-packed Imaginext® playset has everything your child needs to create their own exciting Disney·Pixar Toy Story adventures! Imaginext® Imagine What's Next!™

Kids ages 3-8 years can recreate the action of Disney·Pixar Toy Story robot that's a spaceship, launch pad, and playset!

Place Buzz figure in the spaceship cockpit & turn the Power Pad to open wings; manually launch to blast off!

Right arm is a projectile launcher with open ports for loading and firing

Left arm is a claw to pick up villains and drop them in the jail in the left foot