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Mega Construx™ Breakout Beasts™ Fangrene™
Product#: GFM76
Released:  2019
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  5 years and up
Product Description
It's slime time when you unleash the Breakout Beasts! Unleash the beast! Break open 1 of 9 mystery eggs to discover a slime surprise, then dig out all the pieces to build your beast! But which will it be? With 9 cool creatures to build, and 4 colors of slime to collect – including all new gold slime – the combinations you create will be wild! You can collect them all, including dragons, griffins, stallions and winged-stallions, sold separately. Then, mix and match beasts to create your very own Breakout Beasts! Each sold separately. Colors and details may vary. Ideal for ages 5 and up

Series of 9 buildable beasts, each packaged in a mystery, slime-filled egg

Buildable beasts include Goldengrowl™, Skyscorch™, Charcolt™, Sleetstorm™, Clawshock™, Fangrene™, Freezer™, Blazore™, and Rivenbeak™, sold separately

Each beast has its own unique look and comes with blue, orange, green, metallic gold and all-new metallic red slime

Ideal for ages 5 and up, this building toy stimulates creativity and develops problem-solving skills

Combine with all Mega Construx™ building sets