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Fisher-Price® Rescue Heroes® Reed Vitals™
Product#: GGH84
Released:  2019
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  3 years and up
Product Description
Reed Vitals™ is a new cadet on the Rescue Heroes® team, bringing his expertise in medical rescue and emergency response, all the way from South Korea! When disaster strikes, this brave hero is first on the scene to help the injured, moving rubble with his power grabber, checking survivors' vital signs with his monitor, and patching up injuries with the arm cast. Reed Vitals™ is ready for all your little hero's exciting rescue missions!

Reed Vitals™ is one of the newest cadets on the Rescue Heroes® team

Kids can create exciting rescue missions with first responder Reed Vitals™!

6-inch tall figure with power grabber tool, vital signs monitor, and arm cast accessories

Press the red button to open & close the power grabber