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Little Mommy™ Shopping Cart Cutie™ Doll
Product#: GML88
Released:  2020
Battery Info:  3 AG13 (LR44) Button Cells
Ages:  2 years and up
Product Description
It's time to go to the market with the Little Mommy™ Little Shopper doll (12.5-in /31.75-cm) and get groceries! This adorable baby doll wears a pink and purple t-shirt under a fruit-patterned jumper and is ready to go shopping with her little mommy! Playset includes a rolling shopping cart that the baby doll fits in and all kinds of shopping accessories to make the trip loads of fun! There's a laundry detergent bottle with a removable cap, boxed food items, fruit and veggie items and more. As you shop, load the items in the cart and then head to the check out. The cart basket also removes and becomes a portable basket! Now it's time to pay at the cash register that really makes sounds when the buttons are pushed and has a drawer that opens with different play currency to make change. Little mommies can also use the "credit card" to swipe and pay for the groceries. Time to go home—hope we got everything we needed! What a fun shopping trip! Includes Little Mommy™ baby doll, cart, register and shopping accessories. Makes a great gift for ages 2 years old and up, especially for little ones learning about the grocery store, shopping and paying at the register! Colors and decorations may vary.

The Little Mommy™ Little Shopper doll (12.5-in /31.75-cm) is the perfect way for little mommies to experience shopping at the grocery store and to be a part of the shopping process!

Features storytelling pieces for a shopping experience: rolling shopping cart (remove basket portion and it becomes a basket), a register with button-activated sounds, laundry detergent bottle, fruit and veggie items, boxed food items, currency, credit card and more!

Load items in the cart that rolls and then head to the check out! It's a big shopping trip today!

Swipe a credit card along the register to pay for the groceries. Push the buttons and the register makes sounds and it opens, too and has currency to make change!

Time to head home! Hope we got everything we need! What a fun shopping day!

Makes the perfect gift for ages 2 years old and up, especially for little ones who like going to the grocery store and want to learn how to shop and pay at the register!