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Imaginext ® Jurassic World™ Mega Stomp & Rumble Giga Dino™
Product#: GWT22
Released:  2022
Battery Info:  3 C batteries
Ages:  3 - 8 years
Product Description
As Giga is pushed along , he will breakout of the chains around his leg and activate stomping sounds! Chain can also be moved to neck collar.

•When the trigger is squeezed, Giga will unleash the loudest roar we've ever implemented and will vibrate/shake!

•Twist the tail causing his head to thrash from side to side and Giga will ‘stand up’ to breakout again!

•Chomp on figures and vehicles as Giga swoops down to pick them up with his mouth

•In package, users will be able to pull up on the chain , activating the haptic feedback system which will cause Giga to shake and his mega roar to be unleashed.

•Giga will have the clear acrylic eye that lights up when he is activated making him look more ferocious!