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Minecraft Treasure Hunt Adventure Pack Figures
Product#: GYX23
Released:  2021
Battery Info:  No batteries required
Ages:  6 Years and up
Product Description
Bring Minecraft to life with this exciting story pack! This exciting Treasure Hunt adventure pack lets fans recreate an iconic in-game event: when Steve goes fishing and meets a friendly Dolphin! After snacking on a fish, the Dolphin might lead Steve to a treasure chest with a "diamond" inside—that sure would be lucky! Set includes 12 play pieces: three 3.25-in figures, including Steve, plus boat, fishing rod, papercraft coral reef and more! Other story sets available, sold separately. Colors and decorations may vary.


Minecraft fans can recreate an iconic, in-game moment with this multi-piece adventure pack!

Special adventure playset includes three 3.25-in characters – Steve, Dolphin and Drowned – for epic storytelling play!

Also includes special accessories like treasure chest, fishing rod and papercraft coral reef to create realistic Minecraft scenes!

Characters are posable for inventive storytelling and adventurous fun.

Minecraft fans will have a blast using their imaginations to recreate in-game adventures and invent their own stories! Minecraft Treasure Hunt Adventure Pack Figures

Includes 3 figures, 5 accessories and 3 paper coral reef pieces.